Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice Fishing, Free Fishing Weekend

Wisconsin's free fishing weekend is this Saturday and Sunday.  It's a great time to try out the sport of ice fishing.  This picture was taken at Willow River State Park at their annual Kid's fishing Derby.  This year it is Saturday January 17th from 2-4pm.  The park provides all of the gear and drills the holes for you.  There are even prizes for the most fish caught and the biggest fish.  Actually I remember some of my kids that didn't even catch a fish coming home with prizes.  It's not a huge hobby in our house, but living in Wisconsin it is something that you must at least try and this weekend is the perfect time to go ice fishing. There are many events scheduled around the state.  Below is the website with all of the laws and info you will need for a good time ice fishing.


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