Monday, January 5, 2015

Mall of America

There are so many reasons to love the Mall of America.  I love it because it so clearly shows the Minnesota/Wisconsin attitude that the winters may be tough but that will not slow us down from having fun!  It's cold outside so, hey let's build our amusement park indoors!

MOA has Nickelodeon Universe (the amusement park), an Aquarium, Barbie Dream House, Mini golf, theaters, Lego store, American girl, and another 500 stores.  It's 4 floors and a half a mile to walk around one level, so there is plenty to do and see.

A typical visit for my family starts at the lego store, then Apple store, Marbles (a game store) and an occasional ride.  Rides can be purchased with points for individual rides or a wristband for the day.

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