Wednesday, January 7, 2015


On a cold Wisconsin day I love going to the Y.  Walking outside after a good workout is the one time that I love to feel the cold winter air on my face.  I'm usually just a treadmill runner, but i do like that there is a small track for when I want to do some real running.  The kids love the pool and waterslide.  The babysitting area is nice, the classes are fun and full.  There is a skate park outback for the teenagers, as well as teen nights the middle schoolers like.  The Y has a healthy retirement group that can be seen drinking coffee in the lobby. It really is a nice meeting place for the city and a place I especially love in the winter.

Membership is $66 for an adult and $122 for a family (and they do have a sliding scale according to income).  Memberships come with guest passes so you can bring a friend or your family member that doesn't have a pass.  You can also try out the Y free for a week, so I would recommend everyone in  Hudson should at least enjoy the Y for a week. Unfortunately they don't sell day passes anymore so you need to either have a membership or come with a friend to enjoy the Y after your first week.

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