Friday, January 9, 2015

Weitkamp Park Sledding

This is our family's favorite sledding spot in Hudson.  It has a steep hill that is fun, which flattens out at the bottom for safety.  The hill is wide so on crowded days many people can sled without running over other people.  The last time we were there was on my son's birthday and it was -25 with the wind chill so we had the whole hill to ourselves, but with full gear including goggles there was no skin showing so we enjoyed a few runs down to satisfy the family tradition that when it's your birthday the family will do whatever you want them to :)

This is a great pick for kids of all ages.  The young can safely slow at the bottom of the hill, the adventurous can hit the jumps previous sledders have built, and if you have the whole place to yourself we found it is fun to ride down the side of the hill which then goes over another hill and lands you in the parking lot.  So the next time it is warmer than -25 I would suggest a fun time at this sledding hill.  It is by the water tower next to Hudson's business park, or off of Hanley near Carmichael.

Link to site showing Weitkamp amenities

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