Monday, February 2, 2015

Waterpark of America

I thought groundhog day would be a good time to post about the Waterpark of America.  If he sees his shadow you get $6 off of tickets today.  Even if he doesn't you get the $6 off of tickets (they aren't open today it is for future tickets).  The promo code is 8890.  They have fun promos, like their January and February deal where you get $1 off for every degree it is below zero up to $10.  A cold winter day is the perfect time to enjoy the heat and fun of Waterpark of America.  I especially like it when the weather is bad and I don't want to drive to the Dells.  It is so close and feels like you are world away from winter.  

The picture is terrible because who brings a camera to a waterpark?  I did take it at the flow rider, which was our family's favorite.  It's fun to try and equally fun to watch others try bodyboarding or surfing.  The park is huge and has something for everyone.  It does live up to its name.  

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