Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ProKart Indoor Racing

These cars are not the clunky little go karts that you drive to keep the kids happy.  These are super fast (up to 40 mph) and a lot of fun.  The video gives a great overview of what it is like, but driving is so much more fun than the video!

Call before you make the 45 minute drive out to Burnsville to make sure they have open driving times.  They also offer league driving.  Each race is 8 minutes, and the prices are,  
$18 for one race
$33 for two races
$45 for three races
and $15 more for each additional race. 

As you can see from the picture, balaclavas are required to use their helmets.  They are $2 to purchase or included with your yearly $25 license.  You can also purchase a $10, 7 day license, but one of the licenses are required to race.  

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