Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home Depot Kid's Workshops

The first Saturday of the month from 9-noon, the Home Depot offers free Kids workshops.  The kids are given a pe-made kit with simple directions that they can make in about 15 minutes.  They prefer you to register online at the link below, but you are welcome to just show up.  If you arrive closer to the end time they may be out of kits, but usually they have some old kits from previous months that your child can make instead.  Their website also tells you what the project is ahead of time so the kids can decide if it's something they want to make.  This picture was taken when they were making pallet shaped coasters.  They turned out so cute!  The kids love wearing their home depot aprons, and safety glasses and hammering away.  For the more consistent attendees the store offers the kids a pin showing the project they have created that they can pin on their apron.  I've seen some kids there with more than a dozen pins on their smock.

So whether you make attending the workshops a habit or not, it's a fun and free local activity that kids 3-11 really enjoy.

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