Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Wilderness, Wisconsin Dells

The Wilderness is a waterpark hotel in the Wisconsin Dells.  The best part is their wave pool ceiling.  It lets the sun in for year round sun bathing.  It was amazing on a sunny day in the winter.  On a cloudy day it is about 10 degrees colder.  They have 4 indoor waterparks at the hotel and a bunch outside too.  Other activities include, arcades, ropes course, indoor playground, indoor or outdoor go carts, lazer tag, indoor/outdoor mini golf, indoor maze, kids pottery painting, golf, and a zip line.

The best tip I got prior to going was that the food is expensive and not good.  Luckily we booked a room with a kitchen and brought our own food to enjoy. They don't use chlorine in their pools, which was nice not to have the chlorine smell, but there were also big signs warning that the chemicals can cause an itchy rash, which one of my sons unfortunately got.

Over all it was a fun get away that is only a three hour drive.  It was huge, but as long as you stay in one of the hotels that is connected it doesn't matter because there are covered walkways connecting everything indoor.   The arcade also has a giant claw machine that was easy to win at.  There were kids all over the resort bouncing their prizes up and down the hallways, and yes my son did win on his first try so he was super excited.

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