Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hudson Library

 There are so many benefits we enjoy from our library. This picture was taken at a casual piano recital when students played songs in the main area. Behind him you can see some of the movies available for checkout, and there are of course a lot of great books upstairs, and beautiful views of the St. Croix. If the library doesn't have the book you want it can be requested through the Moore association of libraries, which seems to have nearly every book I've looked for. Free of charge you can request books be sent from other libraries for checkout.  Library Elf is a handy email service that keeps you up to date on what is checked out, due, and on its way.  Renewal online, and fee paying is easy. The library also offers a full range of activities, from kids story time, to teen and adult book clubs.  Right now there is a friends of the library book sale, and year round there are books available to purchase upstairs. Look also for tech help sessions, craft projects, and an antique appraiser coming soon.

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